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STENDKER certified: Mr. Mark Evenden from Deotedly Discus in UK:
Congratulations to our certified retailer Mr. Mark Evenden from Devotedly Discus in UK.
Since 1993 (over 24 years) the discus breed Stendker already cooperates with Mr. Mark Evenden (Devotedly Discus). Expertise meets with enthusiasm and we are delighted to have such a long and very good cooperation.
MANY THANKS to Mr. Mark Evenden!

Devotedly Discus was established in 1992 by Mark and Karen Evenden and operates seven days a week from a premises in Polegate High Street, East Sussex. They supply German Stendker Discus and have Discus available from 6cm to 20cm most of the time.
They have available a wide range of STENDKER strains including Red Turquoise, Brilliant Turquoise, Solid Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Snakeskins, Marlboro Red, Solid Fire Red, Stendker Tefe, Alenquer, Pigeon Red, Pigeon Silver. They specialise in adult Discus and usually have some proven breeding pairs available.

Mr. Mark Evenden has written many articles for Practicalfishkeeping magazine over the years, and is active daily on a number of Discus forums. Mark has many years experience in aquatics and a particular interest in Discus, water quality and biological filtration. Advice is free and of course available in store or by telephone.

Devotedly Discus
32 High Street,
East Sussex,
BN26 6AJ,
United Kingdom.
4.000 Liter STENDKER-Discusaquarium: Kölle Zoo in Stuttgart
Create your dream and enjoy our easy to keep STENDKER-FRESHWATER Discusfishes :-)
Location: STENDKER by our certified retailer Kölle Zoo in Stuttgart.
22 STENDKER color variations:
You can find our 22 STENDKER color variants on our homepage at:

If you click on the image of your desired color, our picture gallery opens. Here you will find the color development from 5 cm to Jumbo size.
For more than 50 years Discus breed STENDKER

- 22 Discus color variations, all compatible with each other
- Easy discus keeping, with the following water values:
Holding in tap water GH 15, KH 8, PH 7 and approx. 29 ° C.
- 1 x weekly water change of approx. 30%
- 3 x daily feeding with our PROFI-Discusfood Good Heart (over 100 best ingredients)
- simple equipment: heater, air stone, good filter and night light
- long life expectancy, up to 15 years

We recommend a 3 x daily feeding with our PROFI-Discusfutter Good Heart:
Available from the pet store as a frozen food 500 g flat panel, 200 g flat board and 100 g Bilster.
The history of our certified and exclusive STENDKER-retailer in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Many thanks to Mr. Hamad Al-Suwaidi who wrote us:

One of my earliest and fondest pre school memories was of my father arriving home carrying a small white framed aquarium and a bag of tropical fish, I was captivated from that moment on and that s how my life-long commitment began.

My love affair with discus started very early when a mysterious blue fish appeared at the local fish store one day and by the age of sixteen I began importing independantly, however finding my ideal choice remained a challenge as most of the discus fish were difficult to keep and appeared too high bodied, too compact, too stiff, or too synthetic-looking for my preference. It was not until 2010 while reading an article in Aquapress Bleher that I came across a mention of the biggest hatchery in Europe known as Diskuszucht Stendker, the article was accompanied with pictures of Stendkers superb pairs which were simply spectacular.

While seeking out further information I visited Discus Hans YouTube channel which publishes an endless array of short movies showcasing his breathtaking stock, it did not take much to convince me that Stendkers discus was exactly what I wanted. Discus Hans (www.discusfishstore.com) is Stendkers representative in the USA and he has helped introduce me to the Stendker family, I learned valuable lessons and avoided major mistakes thanks to his generous advice and helpful tips. I must also thank Axel Oldemier (www.diskus-direkt.com) for also being a friend and kind enough to share further insight and knowledge which I m very grateful for.

My journey with Stendker discus officially started in the summer of 2015 when I finally received my first shipment from Germany. Opening Stendkers styrofoam boxes for the first time left me speechless, the exquisiteness of these robust fish exceeded my expectations and their quality and strength was unprecedented. I already decided that a single shipment was not enough and for this I had an entire facility room prepared.

After capturing photos that I shared online, other hobbyists across the UAE grew highly interested and began asking for a chance to view this interesting new arrival in person which was how the idea of starting the Discus.ae showroom came to life. As an art director and photographer with a background in design I considered this the perfect opportunity for me to combine everything I loved under a single umbrella, enabling us to display our beautiful fish in a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing setting where aquaria and creativity can meet. The Discus.ae showroom opened its doors on April 22, 2016 and every step of this process was documented in our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Safe and clean aquatic plants were another important element that I had to provide due to the inability of finding reliable sources nearby, that ultimately lead me to Furqhan Packeerally who is known as the most reputable aquascaper and plant distributor in the region. From our first meeting we came to realize how near identical and paralleled our visions were and we instantly decided to work together. This partnership made Discus.ae the ultimate source for complete aquarium solutions which allows myself and Furqhan to provide everything required to start and maintain a safe successful aquarium.

Our online store (www.discus.ae) rapidly gained popularity and became our most active sales point, it carries and sells full product ranges including the ability to purchase live fish and aquatic plants with deliveries anywhere in the UAE. Due to customer demand we have also established a specialized maintenance team which is an essential service that many of our private and corporate customers rely on to keep their aquariums in tip top condition, amongst other services that our team provides are customized aquarium design, aquascaping, and resetting services to safely sanitize used aquariums for Stendker discus.

To offer more choices, compatibility tested companion fish such as tetras, cleaning crew, and dwarf cichlids were also made available in recent months which gives our customers a wide range of varieties and choices including rare and hard to find species that are not available anywhere else in the UAE.

This of course would not have been possible if it was not for the passionate and kind people that I m blessed to work with every day, starting with Shafi who has been my rock and by my side through every step of the way, as well as Chaminda who handles our deliveries and excels at every new challenge like a true professional. Also our salesman Shiyaf, a hobbyist that joined Discus.ae out of passion for Stendker discus and last but certainly not least, the talented newcomer Mark who has made our days easier.

It was a true honor for all of us when I was informed that we will be receiving the Stendker dealer certificate this month - this great acknowledgment makes us strive to continue to offer and aim for the very best. We are proud that in 2017 the Discus.ae customer base has expanded to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain which made it possible for us to reach more hobbyists in the region for everyone to get a chance of experiencing Stendkers unique and incomparable quality.

I am thankful to everyone at Diskuszucht Stendker for helping me bring this dream to reality with their professionalism, kindness, and continuous support. The formation of Discus.ae was not only a success for us, but it had a signficant influence on the local market and because of it the freshwater hobby has been taken far more seriously in the past year which is what I always hoped to achieve.

Exclusivity STENDKER retailer for the whole of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ra s al Chaima, Sharjah and Umm al Qaiwain), Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Discus Fish Trading
Shop 3, Building C92,
Hazaa Bin Zayed St, Defense Road
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Exclusivity certified STENDKER-retailer in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi:
STENDKER certified
Discus Fish Trading
Shop 3, Building C92,
Hazaa Bin Zayed St, Defense Road
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

He has the exclusivity for the whole of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ra s al Chaima, Sharjah and Umm al Qaiwain), Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Kölle Zoo by STENDKER:
On May 16, 2017, the operations managers of all fifteen Kölle branches, two employees of the headquarters and also the managing director of Kölle Zoo (Mr. Matthias Pohl) visited us in Warendorf.

Thank you for your visit and the extensive exchange of experience.
So cooperation is fun
MYTHOS: beef heart feed is bad for discus fish
Over and over we hear statements like: “Why shall I feed beefheart?
No beef is swimming in the Amazonas!“
CORRECTION: No STENDKER-Discusfish are swimming in the Amazonas and our animals differ strongly in keeping conditions, the colour and the eating habits of wild captures, which can be found in the Amazonas, or other breedings.
Beefheart feed is conterminating the waterquality considerably.
CORRECTION: Right, if you feed too much or if our feed is defrosted the wrong way. High protein share etc. gives the possibility for a compensate feeding. 3 meals a day with our Good Heart is sufficcient (also for our LITTLE ones, from week 3 after birth).
Please carefully defrost the daily portion on the evening before, by using an airtight box with lid. For discusfish (LITTLE ones or BIG ones) feed 1-1/2 blister (5-7,5 g) per meal. Feeding to much makes our Discusfish SICK!
Cold-blooded animals cannot digest meat from warm-blooded animals (beefheart).
CORRECTION: From week 3 after birth, 3 x a day, our discus fish exclusively get our COMPLETE-feed based upon beef heart. You can see at our animals how our STENDKER-Good Heart is doing good to them.
When feeding beef heart, the water temperature has to be at least 30 degrees, to be able to digest this food.
CORRECTION: Even with a keeping temperature of 27 degrees, our animals can digest our beef heart feed very well.
Feeding beef heart feed 3 x a day is not varied.
CORRECTION: Our STENDKER-Discusfeed Good Heart exists from more than 100 components. Vitamins, minerals, fractions of vegetables an much more, and not only from pure beef heart. In our hatchery it is successfully used as single-feed since more than 50 years. From week 3 after birth, all our STENDKER-Discus fish are feeded 3 x per day with our compleet-feed, which is including everything our discusfish need to grow up. However, our animals need NOTHING ELSE as beeing fed 3 x a day with our Good heart; ofcourse you can additionally feed living food or frozen natural food, to offer a bit of VARIETY to your Discus fish.

Please do not feed red mosquito larvaes, Tubifex or unboiled shellfish meat, because that can even cause sickness to our animals. Live food is to be seen as a CANDY and also a welcome VARIETY, but does not replace a fully adequate meal with our Good Heart.
Small discusfish have to receive at least 7 meals a day.
CORRECTION: This can happen when using live food. For our STENDKER-Discusfish it is absolutely sufficient to feed from week 3 after birth (size 1 cm), 3 x a day, with our STENDKER-Good Heart.
Overfeeding is even harmful for our animals. The fishbones do not grow along with the animal. This can even cause a shorter operculum or a bent backbone.

We strive for a natural grow up of our STENDKER-Diskusfish and reach this with feeding our Good Heart 3 x a day. Then, our Diskusfish are fully grown with 2 years, as also in open coutryside.
Successful breeder all over the world are feeding beef heart, because this can ensure an optimal feeding of Discusfish.
All our publications with SUBJECT to Discusfish, are exclusively referring to our STENDKER-Discusfish. For wild captured fish or fish from other Discus breeder, other conditions can be valid.
We want to say THANK YOU to all our retailers, friends, followers and discus lovers for a great year 2016. We wish you and your family for the next year from all the best. Have a nice year 2017 :-)

Your Diskuszucht-STENDKER-Team

Picture: by our certified retailer
Steinbockallee 29
A-6063 Neu-Rum Bei Innsbruck (Austria)
No mor space for trophys :-)
Viele Jahre gewann unser WELTGRÖSSTER zertifizierter STENDKER-Fachhändler in Amerika unzählige Preise mit unseren STENDKER-Diskusfischen.
Das ging so weit, dass Veranstalter ihn sogar baten, nicht mehr auszustellen und so anderen Teilnehmern die Chance zu geben, Preise zu gewinnen.

Daher nahm unser zertifizierter Fachhändler viele Jahre nicht mehr an Championaten teil.

2016 machte Discus Hans jedoch, nach vielen Jahren, mal wieder eine Ausnahme und stellte unsere STENDKER-Diskusfische wieder einmal auf der North American Discus Association Convention and Show 2016, in Chicago, aus.
Dort gewann er mit unseren STENDKER-Diskusfischen gleich sieben Preise und einen weiteren Preis für sein Lebenswerk.

Wir gratulieren!

Nachfolgende Preise gewann Discus Hans mit unseren STENDKER-Diskusfischen:

1st and 2nd, Best of Division and Best in Show at FOTAS Texas 2004
1st and 2nd at OCA Strongsville Ohio 2004
Winner of 9 awards of the 13 in the Discus classes, including Best Discus in show, at the ACA 2005 ( Texas).
1st, 2nd and 3th in Youngstown, Ohio 2005
1st, 2nd, 3th and best in Class in Laurel, Maryland 2005
1st, 2nd and 3th at the NJAS in New Jersey 2005
1st, 2nd and 3th OCA Strongsville Ohio 2005
1st, 2nd and 3th at GPASI Pittsburgh 2006
7 NADA Awards at ACA Chicago 2006
1st, 2nd and 3th Whale of a Show, Warren Ohio 2006
1st, 2nd and Best in Show PVAS, Massachusetts 2006
1st, 2nd and 3th at MCAS, Medina Ohio 2006
1st, 2nd and 3th OCA Strongsville Ohio 2006
1st, 2nd and 3th at NJAS in New Jersey 2007
1st and 2nd Aquafest CCA in Maryland 2007
1st, 2nd and People’s Choice CAOAC ~ Canada 2007
Winner of 16 awards of the 19 in the Discus Classes, including Best Discus in Show at the ACA 2008 Atlanta.
1st, 2nd and 3th at Catfish Convention PVAS Maryland 2008.
1st, 2nd and 3th OCA Strongsville Ohio 2008.

Discus Hans
Mailing address:
4413 Necker Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21236

Fish house:
12 Emala Avenue suite D + E
Middle River, MD 21220
Visits only by appointment.
Phone: 443 992 6972

Certified retailer: Discus Hans U.S.A.
Congratulations to our certified retailer Mr. Jacobus Koopsvantjagt, in the USA. The fish house is 3,000 square feet and normal +/- between 2 and 3,000 STENDKER-discus are in the stock:
Discus Hans
Mailing address:
4413 Necker Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21236

Fish house:
12 Emala Avenue suite D + E
Middle River, MD 21220
Visits only by appointment.
Phone: 443 992 6972

NEW: 200 g STENDKER-Good Heart
NEW: available from our retailers IMMEDIATELY.
Our 200 grams frost fodder flat plate
STENDKER-Goodheart PROFI discus food

In this video we show you how easy our new 200 g STENDKER-GoodHeart can be processed. Please turn on speakers :-)

Advantage of our 200 g flat panel:
- can easily be portioned as this is very flat and smaller than our 500g plate
- defrosts faster
- needs little space in the ice compartment
- simplet and healthiest feeding for our discus fish

Please refer to our dosing instructions, which we have indicated in seven languages on our flatplates.
Zertifiziert: MEGAZOO Innsbruck-Neu Rum (Österreich)
Wir gratulieren zur erfolgreichen Zertifizierung als STENDKER-Fachhändler, der alle Anforderungen unseres Leitfadens zur optimalen Haltung und Pflege unserer STENDKER-Diskusfische erfüllt!

MEGAZOO Innsbruck / Neu-Rum (Österreich)
Steinbockallee 29
6063 Neu-Rum bei Innsbruck

Telefon: +43 (0) 512 260286
Fax: +43 (0) 512 260286-20
Montag bis Freitag: 09:00 - 19:00
Samstag: 09:00 - 17:00
50 litre rule for discus fish a myth:
We don’t know exactly where the 50 litre rule myth for discus fish came from, but we consider it very much outdated and, for rearing young fish, even dangerous!
In our opinion, the most important thing when it comes to keeping our STENDKER discus fish is to ensure that the group consists of generally at least 10 discus. (See also cichlid behaviour: http://diskuszucht-stendker.de/plugins_en/pdfs/1.4_Diskus-Buntbarsch-Cichlidverhalten_en.pdf.
The aquarium size is of secondary importance, but for a group of 10 adult discus should be not less than 350 litres.

For breeding a group of about 10 discus, a 180 litre aquarium is even better than a 350 litre aquarium, as it results in greater food envy, better food intake, more even growth and a stronger immune system. Rearing a group like this and with thrice-daily feeding with our Good Heart professional discus food usually allows the fish to be reared without the aid of medicines. Once they reach 12–14 cm, however, the discus group should be transferred to a 350 litre or larger aquarium.
We would once again point out that the information we provide relates specifically to our STENDKER discus fish and not to wild-caught discus or discus from other breeders.
More information on caring for and keeping our STENDKER discus fish can be found at: http://diskuszucht-stendker.de/en/Wissenswertes/
EUROPES largest, certified STENDKER DEALER
The Diskuskeller Krause (near Hamburg) has not only a own fanpage on Facebook:
Diskuskeller Fanclub Neu Wulmsdorf

But also a LIVE CAM from the shop:

And after his business expansion, the Diskuskeller Krause, with more than 2000 STENDKER discusfish in the shop, counts as
EUROPAS largest certified STENDKER DEALER.


Diskuskeller Krause
MTJ Handels GmbH
Maik Krause
Bahnhofstraße 16
21629 New Wulmstorf
Telephone: 04076429334
Fax: 04076429336
E-Mail: info@diskuskeller.de
About us:
About us:
We are a family-run discus breed company for more than 50 years and send our STENDKER discusfish in more than 37 countries worldwide.

With our team of about 40 employees, we breed our robust and popular STENDKER discus fish in 22 different colors, which are all compatible with each other.

STENDKER has become the BRAND NAME for quality discusfish MADE IN GERMANY and we are the largest discus breeding company in Europe.

We offer our discusfish exclusively through the wholesale and retail trade and have NO ONLINE SHOP as we would like you to receive a comprehensive and good advice in the pet store, near you.
Here you can find our dealers for GERMANY:

Here you can find our dealer list WORLDWIDE:

Over the years, we have developed our own feed mix for our discus fish, which we feed to our over 3-weeks old discus, 3 times a day.

In order to make the discus feeding as easy and comprehensive as possible, we also offer our STENDKER-Goodheart Frostfutter as 100 g blister, 500 g flat panels and NEW as 200 g flat panels as frozen food.

We are very concerned about the well-being of our animals, so we have translated our "Handbook STENDKER Discuskeeping" into six languages ​​and published freely on our homepage.
Our manual in German can be found here:
in ENGLISH here:

We also train and certify our STENDKER dealers to provide you with comprehensive and very good advice. We want you to have a lot of pleasure with your STENDKER discus and our discusfish enjoy a beautiful life with you.

Create a space of peace and relaxation. Enjoy our STENDKER discusfish, gain strength for life.

Your discus breed STENDKER team
CAUTION: Risk of injury
To avoid that your discus fish cannot hurt itself on sharp roots, we recommend to grind or straighten the roots. It can happen that your discus get scared and shoot through the aquarium. Therefore, a lid/cover should be on top of your aquarium and no sharp objects in it wich could hurt your discus fish.

Thank you very much.
HET WATER GALA 2016: Impressions
Congratulations to the HET WATER GALA TEAM for this WONDERFUL SHOW! Here you can see some IMPRESSIONS with our STENDKER-Discusfish at the show.
MANY THANKS to the GREAT TEAM and specially to Mark for this phantastic pictures
Auf der HET WATER GALA 2016 in den Niederlanden, wurden in diesem Jahr u.a. auch unsere 22 STENDKER-Diskusfarbschläge präsentiert.
Wir bedanken uns bei dem gesamten Team, ganz besonders an Herrn Peelen und Herrn Dobronyi, für diese schönen Bilder mit unseren STENDKER-Diskusfischen und wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Gute.
ORIGINAL Stendker-Goodheart
The BEST food for our STENDKER-Discusfish.

You can get our PROFI frozen discus food as
500 g plates
200 g plates and
100g blister from our retailer.

Our retailer list for Germany can be find here:

Please feed our STENDKER-Discusfisch 3 times a day COMPLETE FOOD solution so that our discus stay healthy and beautiful even in your home.

Please make sure THAW before feeding!
Thank you very much.
Tips when on holiday:
Most fish die while you are on holiday because your neighbour means well but feeds them too much. We recommend not feeding the fish while you are away. Discus fish larger than 10 cm and other semi-grown fish can survive quite well without food for 2-3 weeks.
These periods of fasting occur naturally and can have a positive effect on health. You will not need to change the water during this period since the lack of food will mean hardly any contamination. Please remember:
- control the aquarium light via a timer
- leave an additional (second) pump/filter running permanently as a backup (do not connect it to the light timer by mistake!)
- lower the water temperature to 27 °C (lessens the appetite of the fish, makes them calmer and lowers their metabolic rate).

When you come back you should only feed the fish a little and increase the amount gradually. The fish and the filters have to adjust back to the normal amount of food (increase number of bacteria/filter performance).
Dziekuje / dank u wel / arigatô / chokrane

Wir möchten DANKE sagen!

VIELEN DANK an alle unsere Zoofach- und Großhändler,
die uns die Türen öffnen, uns Bilder und Filme machen lassen, unsere Diskusfische toll präsentieren, pflegen und super beraten.
VIELEN DANK für die gute Zusammenarbeit!

VIELEN DANK an alle STENDKER-Diskushalter,
dass Sie sich so liebevoll um unsere Tiere kümmern und ihnen ein so schönes Leben bei Ihnen ermöglichen. VIELEN DANK auch für Ihr Feedback und tollen Bilder die wir veröffentlichen dürfen und andere mit an Ihrer Freude teilhaben lassen.

VIELEN DANK an unser gesamtes, tolles STENDKER-Team,
welches mit größter Sorgfalt, jeden Tag Ihr BESTES geben.

VIELEN DANK an all unsere Freunde und Familien,
für die Unterstützung und guten Wünsche.

VIELEN DANK auch an unsere STENDKER-Diskusfische, die wunderbar sind und so vielen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt so viel FREUDE schenken.

Wir wollten einfach mal wieder DANKESCHÖN sagen.

Diskuszucht STENDKER-Team
INTERZOO NÜRNBERG vom 26.-29. Mai 2016:
Treffen Sie uns auf der Interzoo 2016 in Nürnberg!
Meet us at the Interzoo 2016 in Nuremberg!

Booth no. 131 in hall no. 6 / Stand Nr. 131 in Halle 6
Diese Messe ist ausschließlich für Fachbesucher und NICHT für PRIVAT-PERSONEN.

INTERZOO 2016 in Nürnberg vom 26.-29. Mai 2016:
Weltgrößte Zoofachmesse:
Über 37.000 Fachbesucher informierten sich im Jahr 2014 bei rund 1.700 Ausstellern aus über 60 Ländern über die aktuelle Heimtiernahrung, Zubehörartikel, Pflegemittel sowie über technische Neuheiten aus den Bereichen Aquaristik, Gartenteich und Terraristik. Das dürfen Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen! Mehr über die ausstellenden Unternehmen der Branche finden Sie hier: https://www.interzoo.com/
Diese Messe ist ausschließlich für Fachbesucher und NICHT für PRIVAT-PERSONEN. Keinen Zutritt haben: Privatbesucher, Hobbyzüchter, Mitglieder von Tierzucht- und Tierliebhabervereinen, Unternehmensberater, Werbeagenturen, Versicherungen u.ä. und alle Personen, die nicht in den genannten Branchen/Wirtschaftszweigen geschäftlich tätig sind.

Dieses Event findet alle zwei Jahre statt.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.
Mehr Informationen zur INTERZOO 2016 finden Sie hier:
8.000 Liter-Kölle Zoo München
FRAUENPOWER im Kölle Zoo in München:
8.000 Liter Aquarium mit:
75 x STENDKER Diskusfischen
500 x Roter Neon
500 x Rotkopfsalmler
50 x Garra Flavatra (Prachtalgenfresser)

Wir gratulieren

Kölle-Zoo GmbH & Co. KG München
Stockacher Straße 5
81243 München

Aquascaperin:Frau Claudia Hary
Build a 900 liter discus aquarium
Thank you to Mr. Jørn Hansen from Denmark for this great picture story how to build a beautiful 900 liter discus aquarium.
Size: 250 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
With 8 STENDKER Kobalt, 8 STENDKER-Solid Fire Red, 8 STENDKER-Checkerboard
22 STENDKER table of colours
Air stone or OXYDATOR should be necessarily in every discus tank!
Our animals need enought oxygen 24 hours / day to feel comortable!
Zertifiziert Kölle Zoo Karlsruhe
Wir GRATULIEREN unseren Fachhändler Kölle Zoo in Karlsruhe zur Zertifizierung als STENDKER-Fachhändler, der alle Anforderungen unseres Leitfadens zur optimalen Haltung und Pflege unserer Stendker Diskusfische erfüllt.

Kölle Zoo Karlsruhe
Teamleiter Herr Andreas Horzel
Am Storrenacker 3
76139 Karlsruhe-Hagsfeld
Tel.: +49 721 62525-55

Introducing our Discus Fish after Transport
at our dealer Kölle Zoo in Karlsruhe.
Thanks to team leader Mr. Horzel.
Interzoo 2016 vom 26.-29.05.2016
Weltgrößte Zoofachmesse
INTERZOO 2016 in Nürnberg vom 26.-29. Mai 2016:
Wir sind wieder dabei und freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch an unserem Messestand: Nr. 131 in Halle 6.
Über 37.000 Fachbesucher informierten sich im Jahr 2014 bei rund 1.700 Ausstellern aus über 60 Ländern über die aktuelle Heimtiernahrung, Zubehörartikel, Pflegemittel sowie über technische Neuheiten aus den Bereichen Aquaristik, Gartenteich und Terraristik. Das dürfen Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen! Mehr über die ausstellenden Unternehmen der Branche finden Sie hier: https://www.interzoo.com/
Diese Messe ist ausschließlich für Fachbesucher und NICHT für PRIVAT-PERSONEN. Keinen Zutritt haben: Privatbesucher, Hobbyzüchter, Mitglieder von Tierzucht- und Tierliebhabervereinen, Unternehmensberater, Werbeagenturen, Versicherungen u.ä. und alle Personen, die nicht in den genannten Branchen/Wirtschaftszweigen geschäftlich tätig sind.

Dieses Event findet alle zwei Jahre statt.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.
Mehr Informationen zur INTERZOO 2016 finden Sie hier:
We would like to inform you that more than 99 % of the discus you can see on our Facebook- and Internetpages are our own breeding STENDKER discusfish.
Thank you for this nice picture with our STENDKER-Discusfish to
Mr. Trond Hverven from Norway.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Stendker-RETAILERS, discus lovers and friends for their support over the past years and we wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

Your discus breeding Stendker team
Oliver Knott/Kölle Zoo Karlsruhe
7000 Liter Discusshowtank with 100 STENDKER-Discusfish.
Aquascaping by Oliver Knott for our retailer Kölle Zoo Karlsruhe. THANK YOU!
We wish you A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

Kind regards
Family Stendker
Important note
Our STENDKER discus fish are DIFFERENT:
Our documentation and information on our website (www.Diskuszucht-Stendker.de) and our Facebook page refer solely to our STENDKER discus fish and are NOT GENERALLY APPLICABLE!
Our STENDKER discus fish differ in some respects or considerably from wild caught discus fish, Asian breeds, or other discus breeds!
After 50 years of discus breeding MADE IN GERMANY, our STENDKER discus fish have adapted to German tap water values!
Our water values:
Total hardness: TH 15, carbonate hardness CH 8, pH value 7, conductance 800 microsiemens.
Our STENDKER discus fish are
- very easy to keep, extremely tough, and normally have a long life expectancy (up to 15 years)
- accustomed to humans, not easily frightened, tame to some extent, and very interested in their surroundings
- used to our STENDKER Good Heart discus food, since, from a certain size, they are also provided with our complete feed solution 3 times a day in our breeding establishment and love to be fed with our food. Our feed solution contains everything our animals need to provide them with healthy growth and keep them healthy.
In order to also provide you with a solution for feeding our animals that is as comprehensive and simple as possible, our COMPLETE FEED SOLUTION is also available via the retail store as 500g flat blocks and 100g blisters.(50 years of experience “Only the BEST for our discus fish”)

STENDKER discus fish in 22 colour varieties, which we ship to more than 30 countries worldwide

Our detailed documentation, “Interesting facts about discus fish”, which we have translated into six languages for you and which we are making freely available, FREE OF CHARGE, to anyone interested, refers solely to our STENDKER discus fish!

Enjoy our STENDKER discus fish!

Your STENDKER breeding team
OPENINGSWEEKEND Discus Passie.nl 10.-11.10.2015
DISCUS PASSIE.nl re-opens her doors next Saturday, October 10th 2015. A date which is easy to remember, 2015-10-10. The official opening will be on a matching time: 10:10 pm. Also Sunday October 11th, from 11.11 pm, is dominated by the re-opening. On both days you’re more than welcome until 17:00 hours. A brand new salesroom, beautiful discus fis hand spectacular offers make this weekend a real party for you as a discus lover.
Directly after the opening act, on Saturday and Sunday in the morning, you can win very beautiful discus fis in the special lottery. So be there on time. Also 10% discount on all fish and products during the whole weekend. See you at 10-10, 10:10 hours!
NEW: STENDKER-Leopard Snake Skin
STENDKER-Santarem and Alenquer Discus
Thank you to Mr. Stefan Lorenz.
Antwerpes Cichliden Center in Belgien:
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen ein neues Projekt mit unseren Diskusfischen vom Antwerps cichliden center (Belgien) vorstellen zu dürfen:
Integrierte Diskus-Aquarium in der Wellness-Raum-Coiffure-Christa Relaxzone zur Verfügung gestellt von ACC. Vielen Dank. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Freude mit unseren STENDKER-Diskusfischen.

Einen Bericht über unseren Besuch in diesem empfehlenswerten Zoofachgschäft "Antwerps Cichliden Center" finden Sie hier:

Hier finden Sie eine tolle Auswahl an unseren Diskusfischen:
50 YEARS Discusbreeding made in Germany
Vielen Dank an Axel von Diskus-Direkt.
Thank you for your enthusiastically care of our discus fish and that you give them a great home!

Angelika & Jörg Stendker and the complete STENDKER-team
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Did you enjoy our STENDKER-Discusfish and have you nice pictures and videos from your aquarium, that you would like to share with us and our friends?
Then please sent us an e-mail to:
Foto-Stendker@t-online.de with some information about your fish and the aquarium, to publish.
Thanks a lot.

Your Diskuszucht-STENDKER-team
- 21 colour varieties Discus fish (robust, easy to keep)
- Discus complete-food (own recipe )
- Discus and Aquarium-keeping -Information for free on our
homepage: www.Diskuszucht-Stendker.de

We want that our STENDKER discus fish have worldwide a wonderfull life and that you have a lot of fun with our animals!

Our STENDKER Discus Fish are only available in specialist pet shops. Here you can find our retailer list abroad:

Diskuszucht STENDKER-Team

01.11.2014 Neueröffnung-STENDKER-STÜTZPUNKT NORD
Neuer STENDKER-Stützpunkthändler im Hamburger Großraum

Das Unternehmen Diskuskeller.de eröffnet ab 1.11.2014 mit neuem Konzept die Pforten. Bisher als reiner Onlineshop mit vereinzelten Öffnungszeiten vor Ort, wird es im Diskuskeller nun reguläre
Öffnungszeiten von Mo.-Fr. 9 – 19 Uhr und Sa. 9-15 Uhr geben. Einher geht damit ein Umzug ins Ladengeschäft, Bahnhofstraße 16, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf mit 48 Aquarien und einem breiten Sortiment rund um den Diskus, inkl. Frostfutter.

Dazu Geschäftsführer Maik Krause: „Durch den Umzug des Diskuskellers in unser Ladengeschäft in der Bahnhofstraße 16 können wir den Kunden gerechter werden.
Zukünftig können die Kunden spontan vorbeikommen und sich aus einer tollen Auswahl an Stendker Diskusfischen ihre Traumtiere aussuchen. Der Umzug versetzt uns darüber hinaus in die Lage ein noch breiteres Sortiment darzustellen und mit unseren 48 Aquarien voller Stendker Diskusfische, L-Welse, Neons und anderer
Beifische sind wir DER Spezialist für Stendker Diskusfische in Norddeutschland.
Die familiäre Atmosphäre des alten Diskuskellers wird aber erhalten bleiben.
Kunden können sich in Ruhe beraten lassen und bei einem Kaffee die Hektik des Alltags vor der Tür lassen.“

Folgende Highlights erwarten die Kunden am Eröffnungstag, Sa., 1.11.2014:

- Herr Jörg Stendker, Geschäftsführer der Diskuszucht Stendker, wird
Rede und Antwort bzgl. der Haltung von Stendker Diskusfischen

- Es gibt ein Gewinnspiel mit Verlosung der Preise um 14 Uhr.
1. Preis ist eine Gruppe Stendker Diskusfische. Genauere
Informationen dazu finden Sie auf der Website des Unternehmens:

- Für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt. Der bekannte Holzsteiner
Mühlengrill ist vor Ort und grillt auf Holzkohle. Ab 25 Euro
Einkaufswert erhalten Kunden einen Verzehrgutschein.

- Eröffnungsangebote: Stendker Diskusfische, Kohleblockfilter,
Frostfutter, Co2 Anlagen, UVC Klärer u.v.m.

Die Eröffnung findet statt am Sa., 1.11.2014 von 9-18 Uhr im Diskuskeller, Bahnhofstraße 16, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf.
Maik Krause
Bahnhofstraße 16
21629 Neu Wulmstorf
Telefon: 04076429334
E-Mail: info@diskuskeller.de
Neuer Diskus-Farbschlag: CHECKERBOARD
KOIDREAMS VISKWEKERIJ aus Valburg präsentiert auf der AQUAVARIA vom 25.-26. Oktober 2014 in Vianen NL unseren neuen Diskus-Farbschlag: CHECKERBOARD

Wir wünschen viel Erfolg!
Discusdays in Duisburg at ZOO ZAJAC 2014


More pictures:
Discusdays in Duisburg at ZOO ZAJAC FROM 10-11th OCTOBER 2014
Experience the king of aquarium fish, enjoy the presentation of this wide range of fish and be part in the lectures!

Location: Zoo Zajac GmbH, Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 6, 47167 Duisburg
Opening times: Friday: 10:00 – 20:00 h, Saturday: 9:00 – 20:00 h
The entrance is free!

Finally, its time again! Mr. Norbert Zajac, former organizer of the Discus Championships in Duisburg, continues to arrange discus shows:
From 10-11th October 2014 the DISCUS DAYS will take place again! This time at Zoo Zajac in Duisburg, the worlds biggest pet shop (12.000 m²). The exhibition area of the Duisburg Nord Landscape Park was only about 6,000 m².

This show is repeated every two years. The entrance is free!

You can expect 2.000 aquariums, a pond area bigger than 1,800 m², a wide range of marine- and freshwater fish - of course with the king of aquarium fish, our STENDKER-discus fish in many sizes and different color strains - 500 terrariums, more than 50 different small animals and more.
As indicated by the name of the show, the main focus is the discus fish.
We are happy to be part of this show and present you our discus fish in many color strains in 22 tanks plus in more than 50 tanks of Zoo Zajac. We will answer your questions at both days and present our popular discus feed „GoodHeart“.
Within this two-day event the Aquascaper Oliver Lindemann will set up 6 big aquariums.
DCG-Arbeitskreis Diskus, Manaus Aquarium, Naturefood and Green Pearl Aquaristik will take part in this show.

The program:

Friday, 10th October 2014
The Aquascaper Mr. Oliver Lindemann gives advice on all questions concerning discus tanks. You can learn everything you have to consider to keep discus fish and interesting details of the setup, selection of the optimal water plants, filter system and much more.

Saturday, 11th October 2014
13:00 h
Live Scaping of a big discus tank
The Aquascaper Mr. Oliver Lindemann will set up a big discus tank and explains the steps in detail. Look forward to a great show and learn more from this expert about setting up a discus aquarium.
15:00 h
Speaker: Jörg Stendker (Diskuszucht Stendker)
Lecture: „Discus fish are easy to keep - the ideal pet“
16:00 h
Speaker: Andreas Uhlfelder
lecture: „How to settle discus fish and other wild caught fish step by step in quarantine, the right diagnostic identification and the sensible treatment of dangerous pathogens“

We are looking forward to your attendance!
Your STENDKER-team

Here you can see a video with some highlights of the discus days 2012 that Mr. Zajac intends to top this year:
Discusdays in Duisburg at ZOO ZAJAC
Important Information to Discusdays in Duisburg
Take the opportunity to meet us at the „Diskustage“ from 10th -11th October 2014 at Zoo Zajac in Duisburg. At this event you can buy STENDKER-discus fish directly from our hatchery!

In the next years we will continue to focus on the training of the staff members of our customers and to improve the presentation of our discus fish in their pet shops.
That is why the trade fair INTERZOO 2016 (that is not open for general public) will be the next fair that we attend.

We kindly ask for your understanding and we refer to 1,500 pet shops in Germany where you can buy our STENDKER-discus fish. Please notice that you can agree a direct delivery from our hatchery to your place with our customers.
Our well trained customers in your vicinity will be happy to help you with all questions concerning discus fish. You can find a trader list here: LINK

Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking forward to your visit at Zoo Zajac - the biggest pet shop worldwide!

Best regards
Angelika & Jörg Stendker

Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG
Bacterial compatibility
We strongly advise against mixing our STENDKER discus fish with Asian fish or wild caught discus fish.

Fish from different breeders / retailers can have different strains of bacteria and should not kept together!

If you have opted for our STENDKER discus fish, you can introduce further fish from our hatchery of different sizes and colors, without risk at any time.

We guarantee you that our discus fish are free of tape worms and the so called discus disease!
You can see here how you can test the bacterial compatibility:
Fressnapf Paderborn XXL
Our STENDKER discus fish are not parasite-free
Our STENDKER discus fish are not parasite-free, but free of tapeworms and the so-called discus plague.

Our discus fish have strong defenses against the common parasites through their strong immune system.

We recommend also continue to feed to feed our popular STENDKER-good heart so that the immune system of our discus fish remains too strong.

Our feed is ideally suited as a complete feed, contains everything you need the Diskufisch for a healthy diet and is eaten by other fish species like.
Exhibition Report INTERZOO 2014 Nuernberg, Germany
We would like to take this opportunity to express our very cordial thanks to all the visitors and customers who visited our exhibition stand at the INTERZOO Nuremberg 2014 Trade Fair for their interest and for the good and very interesting conversations we had with them!
Once again, this trade fair was a huge success for us!
Download Exhibition Report INTERZOO 2014
Disus Valley
Aquascaping by Adrie Baumann
with our STENDKER-Discusfish. Enjoy!
Download PDF
Stendker Privat: Laichende Diskusfische
Hier ein Link zu unserem Video auf Youtube:
Stendker Privat: Fütterung unserer Diskusfische
Hier ein Link zu unserem Video auf Youtube:
Photo competition
Join us and send us pictures of your discus aquarium, in digital format ( minimum 300 dpi resolution ), by e -mail to : Foto-Stendker@t-online.de

There are great prizes to win!

The closing date is the 28.02.2014

A selection of the best pictures will make our Stendker team for you on our Facebook page to vote. We reward the four best images you selected, with the following prices :
1 Price 500 €
2 Price 250 €
3 Price Stendker -frost feed box worth 150 euros
(10 x 500 g panels, 18 x 100g Blister)
4 Price Stendker -frost feed box with a value of 80 euros
( 5 x 500 g flat panels , 10 x 100g Blister)

By participating in our photo contest and send your artwork to us, you waive statutory rights as a photographer. In addition, you grant us by sending your photographs the right to publish and use explicitly.
Each participant confirms his participation that he is in possession of the authors and rights of the submitted material.
We look forward to your most beautiful pictures of your discus aquarium and wish you much success!

Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG
Download: Photo competition.pdf
Holländisches Diskuschampionat
4. Holländisches Diskuschampionat (OPEN DUTCH CHAMPIONAT)
Messe für Liebhaber von Aquaria und Diskusfischen
Jörg Stendker wird ein Teil der Jury sein und an beiden Tagen, um 12.00 Uhr, einen Vortrag über "die einfach zu haltenden STENDKER-Diskusfische"-made in Germany, halten. Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf diesen Event und werden nach diesem Vortrag gerne für Fragen, rund um den Diskusfisch, zur Verfügung stehen.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!
Download Flyer
Aquaristik 04/13- Diskus River Side
Diskus River Side - Der König der Aquarienfische im Aquascape
Artikel im Magazin: Aquaristik - Aktuelle Süsswasserpraxis
Ausgabe 04/13
PDF zum Download: Aquaristik - Diskus River Side
Aquaristik 05/13 - Diskus in neuer Farbvariante
Artikel im Magazin: Aquaristik - Aktuelle Süsswasserpraxis
Ausgabe 05/13
PDF zum Download: Aquaristik 05/13 - Diskus in neuer Farbvariante
Seine Majestät - Artikel aus dem Dehner Fachmagazin 4-2013
Der Diskus gilt als der König im Süßwasser-Aquarium.
Endlich ist der prächtige Fisch auch für Anfänger geeignet.
Download: Seine Majestät - Artikel aus dem Dehner Fachmagazin
Interview Globaldiscus 2013
Interview from Globaldiscus.org with Mr. Jörg Stendker
Download Interview Globaldiscus as PDF

Stendker Diskusfische nun auch in Australien erhältlich!

Mit unserem neuen Kunden "Aquarium Industries Pty Ltd" in Victoria haben wir nun auch einen starken Partner in Australien gewinnen können, der unsere Diskusfische exklusiv auf dem fünten Kontinent vertreibt!

Aquarium Industries ist der größte Importeur und Großhändler für Süß- und Salzwasserzierfische in Australien mit 40jähriger Erfahrung. Mehr als 1.000 Boxen mit Zierfischen werden pro Woche an Einzelhandelsgeschäfte verschickt!
  Stendker Fische in Australien

Aquarium Industries verfügt über Becken mit beeindruckenden 3.300.200 Liter Aquariumwasser und es gibt weitere 110 1.000-Liter-Teiche auf 4.500 m² !

Mehr über AI finden Sie auf der Website www.aquariumindustries.com.au.

Vortrag von Herrn Volker Stendker in Athen

Im November 2009 folgte Volker Stendker einer Einladung des größten griechischen Diskusforums www.greek-discus.com um in Athen einen Vortrag über unsere Diskuszucht zu halten. Die Präsentation war ein voller Erfolg! Etwa 100 Diskusfans kamen in den gut gewählten Veranstaltungsort um dem Diskusfachmann zuzuhören.  
Vortrag Jörg Stendker in Athen

Themen des Vortrags waren die Firmengeschichte, Diskuszucht, Filterung, Futter und andere technische Details, ein Fachgebiet von Volker Stendker. Die Besucher hörten interessiert zu und hatten anschließend die Möglichkeit dem Referenten Fragen zu stellen. Besonders Fragen zur Diskuszucht und zum richtigen Futter wurden ausgiebig diskutiert. Großer Dank gilt den Veranstaltern, den Mitgliedern des Diskusforums, die nicht nur eine perfekte Veranstaltung organisiert haben, sondern sich auch die Zeit genommen haben Volker Stendker die Stadt Athen und die griechische Lebensweise näher zu bringen. Besuche im Museum, an der Akropolis und in typischen griechischen Restaurants waren absolute Highlights. Auch die Besuche bei einigen unserer Kunden in Athen waren sehr interessant und wurden für Fachgespräche genutzt.

Vielen Dank nochmal an alle Beteiligten und auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen!

Bildergalerie aus Athen


Besuch aus Norwegen

Am 27. Juli besuchte uns Betine, eine gute Kundin aus Norwegen, um uns dabei zu helfen Fotos zu machen für die neue Homepage die mittlerweile Online ist. Uns sind schon im Vorfeld die schönen Fotos auf Betine's Website www.betinesdiscus.no  aufgefallen, da haben wir sie gefragt ob sie Tips für uns hätte und sie hat spontan zugesagt zu helfen. Da Betine ohnehin wieder ein paar Diskus bei uns abholen wollte, nahm sie sich die Zeit diverse Farbschläge für uns zu fotografieren. Die fertigen Fotos können Sie bald unter Farbschläge und unter Ausstellungstiere bewundern. Einige Bilder vorab finden Sie unter diesem Text!

Danke für die Hilfe Betine!

  Beltine aus Norwegen
Beltine aus Norwegen
Beltine aus Norwegen
Beltine aus Norwegen

Nordisches Diskus-Championat Anfang April 2009 in Schweden

Das erste skandinavische Diskus-Championat (Nordic Discus Championship) und zugleich das allererste in Schweden stattfindende Diskus-Championat fand vom 3. bis zum 5. April 2009 in Schwedens Hauptstadt Stockholm im Butterfly House statt. Veranstalter war die Nordic Discus Society (NDS,  Nordiska Diskus Sällskapet) mit der Firma Akvarielagret und dem Butterfly House als Mitveranstalter und Hauptsponsoren.

Die Bewertung selbst erfolgte durch ein Team von vier Juroren (darunter drei aus Deutschland) wie Jörg Stendker.

Nähere Informationen zum Nordic Discus Championship gibt es über http://www.ndss.se und http://www.nordicdiscussociety.com/.

  Nordisches Diskus-Championat
These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG . Am Holzbach 18 . D-48231 Warendorf . Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27 . Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205 . diskuszucht_stendker@t-online.de AGB | IMPRESSUM