Diskusfische Stendker
Diskuszucht Stendker
Diskuszucht Stendker
Diskusfische Stendker
Diskuszucht Stendker
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Welcome to the STENDKER Discus Fish Hatchery

Since 1965, we have been breeding “THE KING OF THE FRESH WATER AQUARIUM”. We are Europe’s largest discus hatchery (made in Germany) and are known worldwide for the first-class quality and brilliant colours of our popular STENDKER discus fish. Diskuszucht Stendker Händlerliste

Our STENDKER discus fish are held in and are accustomed to German tap water, which means they are very straightforward to keep (LINK: Water Chemistry and Water Quality Data).

Our STENDKER All-Round Discus Solution includes:

  • Discus fish (22 colour varieties) more
  • Discus food more
  • Discus and Aquarium-keeping -Information more
Our STENDKER discus fish live for up to 15 years and reach sizes of up to 21 centimetres (8 inches). Ideally, our discus fish should be kept in pairs (14 cm / 5.5” in size and over) or in small groups of at least 10-12 fish (Cichlids). You can find this and much more information for free on the following pages.

Our STENDKER Discus Fish are only available in specialist pet shops (Retailer Enquiries). Click here to find specialist pet shops near you, listed according to postal codes.

We wish you lots of enjoyment with our STENDKER Discus Fish and trust that our fish will thrive in aquariums all around the world.

Your STENDKER Discus Breeding Team

Diskusfische Stendker
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