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Zu Besuch bei unserem Zoofachhändler Poisson dór:  
„Das größte Aquaristik-Fachgeschäft der WELT“! (über 1250 m²) Süßwasser Aquaristik mit Diskusanlage Jörg Stendker und David van Kwikenborne (Inhaber von Poisson dór) mit dem wir schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich zusammen arbeiten. Mehr in unserer Bildergalerie:  


Immportant note  
Immportant note  


Why we do not präsent our discus fishes on shows and championships: 1. We have already received many awards worldwide for our STENDKER discus fish. Other awards are no longer so important to us. We attach more importance to the fact that privately persons and also specialized dealers, present our discus fish successfully and enjoy our animals. 2. At championships, the exhibition animals are usually in quarantine areas where the bacteria from all over the world come together. If animals from our breeding farm are exposed to this danger space, they may no longer (for safety reasons and risk of disease introduction) be brought back to our breeding facility. 3. Danger of sabotage: unfortunately, it happens again and again that aquariums are sabotaged on exhibitions (for example, at a trade fair in Hamburg, someone put milk in the show tank from our certified specialist dealer, Diskuskeller Krause). 4. We supply our popular 25 STENDKER color variations to our retailers in over 45 countries, worldwide. It is more important for us, that our specialist dealers are trained and that our STENDKER discus fish are optimally kept and presented in the pet shops unter best conditions, than exhibiting our animals at championships. Therefore, we personally drive to our retailers, train, inspect and certify them We also try to bring big project in success, for example like Center Parcs in Leutkirch Allgäu (500 STENDKER discus fish in 28000 liters aquarium). 5. Also our gentlemen Jörg and Volker Stendker have already judged discus fish on many championships. Also other asian breeders and friends from other breeders are a part of the jury on exhibitions worldwide. It is not always easy to get a neutral rating for this judges. Also, beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. For all this reasons we stop präsentation from our STENDKER-Discusfishes on Championsships, but we präsent our STENDKER-Discusfish every 2 years, at the worlds largest trade fair, INTERZOO in Nuremberg. We präsent our disusfish in our own locked aquariums, without any other fishes in this safty area and with the help of a security service to be shure, that no other bacterielles or sabotage will happens to our STENDKER-Discus. Thank you for your understanding. Video: Exhibition exhibition animals INTERZOO in Nuremberg 2018  
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