PlatzhalterbildOn April 9th and 10th the third "British Discus Show" took place at Haydock Park, near Manchester.

Like in 2009 Mr. Jörg Stendker was selected to be a member of the jury for the Discus Championship. In addition he hold a lecture about our hatchery and about how to prepare a new discus tank.

The highlight of this years outstandig organized show was the so-called "BIDKA Challenge". Mr. Mark Evenden of Devotedly Discus donated eight small discus in a size of 5cm to six members of the BIDKA with different backgrounds in discus keeping. This happend one year before the show. The participants now had 12 months to raise the discus as big as they can. Each of these six persons was allowed to announce two, according to them, most beautiful discus to the championship.

The big surprise at the end of the show was when one of the "Challenge Discus" was announced as the "Grand Champion".

Some impressions of the show and a picture of the Grand Champion can be found here.

Thanks again for a great show and see you on the next show in 2013!





Aquarium Industries Pty Ltd

Stendker discus fish available in Australia now!

We are pleased to inform you that you can buy our German bred discus fish bred in Australia now! We found a strong and wellknown partner in the company "Aquarium Industries Pty Ltd" in Victoria who is selling our fish exclusively on the fifth continent!

Aquarium Industries is the largest importeur and wholesaler of both freshwater and marine fish in Australia for more than 40 years! Aquarium Industries is distributing to more than 1000 retail shops around Australia shipping over 1000 boxes of ornamental fish each week.

Aquarium Industries has more than 3,300 200 litre tanks and further 110 1,000 litre ponds built 4,500 sq m facility.

You can learn more about AI on 





Volker Stendker's lecture in Athens

In november 2009 Mr. Volker Stendker followed an invitation from the biggest Greek discus forum to hold a lecture in Athens about our discus hatchery. The lecture was a full success! About 100 discusfans came to hear the discus specialist speak about the company history, discus breeding, food, filtration and other technical details, which is one of Mr. Volker Stendkers fields of activity. The visitors listend very interested and had the opportunity to ask questions after the lecture. Particulary questions concerning discusfood and discus breeding have been discussed extensively. A big thanks goes to the organizers of the lecture, the members of greek-discus, for organizing such a beautiful event. They even found the time to show Mr. Stendker the city of Athens and let him have a quick insight into the Greek way of life. They showed him the Akropolis, visited a museum and some visits in typical restaurants were an absolute highlight. He also visited some of our best clients in Greece and had some interesting expert talks with the owners of the shops. Thank you guys and hope to see you anytime soon!


More pictures of this event


BIG success at "iberzoo'09" in Zaragoza, Spain

From 24th-27th September 2009 we took part at the fair iberzoo'09 in Zaragoza. The mayor part of this fair was the aquatic sector. Interviews with Jörg Stendker that have been broadcast several times on the Spanish TV, visits of great spanish politicians at our booth and a high demand in our discus fish made this exhibion perfect for us!

Below you can find the professional video of the Interzoo'09 that also shows our beautiful discus and an amateur-video:

Visita Iberzoo'09 (Quelle youtube)

Amateur-Video (Quelle: youtube)


PlatzhalterbildOn july 27th Betine, a good customer from norway, helped us to make some pictures for our new website, which is online since last week. We noticed the beautiful pictures she uses on her website  and so we asked her for some hints. She spontaneously said that she would like to help us and since she wants to visit us anyway to collect some new discus, she took the time to shoot pictures of various colour shades. In a short while you can have a look a the pictures under Colour Shades and Show Fish. Some examples underneath this text.

Once again: Thanks Betine, we really appreciate your help!!!


Bildbeschreibung1 Bildbeschreibung2 Bildbeschreibung3



Nordic Discus Championat

From 3rd to 5th April 2009 the first Nordic Discus Championat took place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Organizer was the Nordic Discus Society together with the company Akvarielagret and the Butterfly House where the Championat took place. Both were also the main sponsors of the event.

Jörg Stendker was in Stockholm as judge as well as Tony Vaughn, Ralf Battenberg and Bernd Degen.

More information at:



British Discus Show 2009

This years British Discus Show will take place at Haydock Park near Manchester, on 28th and 29th November.

On special invitation of the organizers, the BIDKA, Mr. Jörg Stendker will hold a photo lecture about our discus hatchery on Saturday's afternoon, 28th November.

For more information visit the following website: