Food in General


General information about feeding:

The food quantity and the feeding times have to be coordinated individually to the age of the discus and the water change in your tank.

The stomach is the indicator of the saturation level. Fish from 15 cm on need less food than smaller discus which are still in their adolescence.

The amount of food they eat within 5-10 minutes is optimal. We recommend to feed the discus three times a day so that they do not loose their colour and grow properly.

Please make sure not to feed food in frozen condition because it may lead to inflammations in the bowel.


Defrosting frozen food: Choose the quantity and put the food in a cup that you just have to put in the refridgerator over night (+ 6°C). Before you feed the food in the next morning, mix it with a knife. In the liquid part of the food are most of the healthy additives like vitamines, minerals and paprica powder that the fish need to grow properly.

Denial of food:

After the stressful transport it is possible that some discus, the bigger ones in particular, deny the offered food for up to six weeks. The smaller fish usually do not have this problem. They get used to their new environment much faster.

Since our discus fish are generally well-fed, the deny of the food in the first days or few weeks is not a serious problem. Just enhance the water temperature in your tank to 33°C for 14 days. This will lead to a better metabolism which animates the appetite of the discus.

In general, it is easier to feed the discus at the beginning with food they are used to.

Red Bloodworms:

Again and again we are asked for advice when discus get ill after eating red mosquito larva.

Our advice: Do not feed your discus with red bloodworms. We know that your fish love them, but there is a much higher risk for diseases.