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PASS Aquatics

Telefon: 033330 55285

Congratulatios to our certified retailer! PASS Aquatics Unit 4 jesmond drive Bridge of Don Aberdeen Ab22 Bur Tel:: 0333055285 Option 3 and 5 www.passaquatics.co.uk Open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 am to 6 p.m PASS Aquatics have been opened on 26th May 2017 after the PASSion towards the hobby became business and to provide with a showroom style specialised aquatics store for the fellow hobbyist. Sharif Shebi Keeping discus was hobby simce he kept tropical fish and also went to Amazon River Santarem in November 2017 to study wild discus in their habitat. Since opening PASS Aquatics it was one ambition to have dedeicated discus section to a LFS, and after owning Stenkder about 10 years ago finally once the dedicated discus section was ready Shebi wanted nothing other than the best discus and approched Stendker to supply discus with the love and same PASSion from Mr and Mrs Stendker we decided we would not just supply discus rather make 1st Ever Certified Retailer for Scotland and 2nd in Great Britain. So we joined hands with the Europes most reputable breeder with state of Art hatchery in discus world for 51 years our beloved Stendker Discus and now proudly Stock only Stendker Discus. We are so PASSionate about Stendker Discus and very proud to stock them in our showroom as such. The amount of support and help from Mrs Angelika Stendker and their Team is amazing. Please visit and choose your Stenker Collection now in Scotland with full range of Stendker Discus Diet and information.

Der Verkauf erfolgt nur über den Zoofachhandel (Händlerliste).
Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG . Am Holzbach 18 . D-48231 Warendorf . Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27 . Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205 . diskuszucht_stendker@t-online.de AGB | IMPRESSUM | DATENSCHUTZ