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Stendker frozen discus feed

Feeding and Feed

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Myth beefheart

We have been breeding discus fish since 1965 (in Germany) and in the course of this period developed a feed mix specially suited for the requirements of discus fish. Our own discus fish in our hatcheries are fed exclusively with our STENDKER Discus Feed. It contains everything necessary for a healthy discus fish diet and is ideally suited as a complete feed. STENDKER Discus Feed contains a mixture of beef heart, vitamins and vegetable ingredients.

Looking at our fish you will recognise immediately how well-fed they are on STENDKER Discus Feed. Please see for yourself by simply trying it out. Obviously, the quality of the feed is dependent on careful production, the right mixing ratio, the high quality of the ingredients, the composition and the careful preparation. With our feed you can be certain that we have taken all these factors into consideration to ensure that your fish are happy and healthy.

To offer you a high quality, comprehensive and simple feeding opportunity, our STENDKER Discus Feed is available as a complete feed from you specialist aquatic retail centre.

Our frozen STENDKER Discus Feed is available as 100 gram blisters and 200 or 500 gram flat blocks. This high quality, balanced feed mix provides a substantial contribution to the health maintenance, colourfulness, reproduction and growth of discus fish. Please ask at your specialist aquatic centre.

By the way: Other fish, too, love our feed and the plants in your fish tank usually require no additional fertiliser.

  Stendker frozen discus feed
These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
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