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Zertifizierte Händler

Our STENDKER discus fish are only available in specialized pet shops. We don't have an internet shop and we will stop our service to send our fish to your client's addresses from 2016. 
We are sure you can find a pet shop near you that offers our discus fish. To see our traders in Germany,
in order of postal code, click here: Haendler / Haendlerliste.
To see our worldwide traders, in order of countries, see here: Haendler-Ausland

Our trader lists show only a selection of our customers who recently bought our discus fish. 
We hope you will have lots of joy with our discus fish and wish you all the best. 
Your STENDKER-team



Retailers Germany

Certified Retailer


Retailers abroad

Subsidiary in the United States

Retailer enquiries

These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
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