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Company history

In 1965, Heinz Stendker assembled the basic stock for the present-day professional fish farm in the form of four discus fish. It was by pure chance that these 2 pairs raised approximately 1,000 juveniles in the course of 6 months.

In this way, the foundation was laid for the ”discus bug“ which bit him and later also his two sons and never left them.

In 1986, Jörg Stendker turned his hobby into a profession by taking the first unit of 200 square meters and approx. 500 fish tanks into service. Gradually, the business expanded and both Heinz Stendker and Volker Stendker joined their father in the venture, making discus breeding their main profession.

In the summer of 1998, the change-over of the two generations took place for good and the company Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH Co KG was formed.
Familie Stendker
As the largest discus breeder in Europe, we have been supplying our fish world-wide for many years. All our fish available for sale come exclusively from our own in-house reared stock. Most recently, Pigeon Blood, Snakeskin and Blue Diamond were introduced for hybridisation to introduce new blood, leading to assorted new colour nuances.

Our high quality standards are your guarantee for easy-to-keep fish suitable for interbreeding at all times. A further advantage in our favour is the size of our breeding facility, with present stocks of about 200,000 discus fish allowing us to fulfil any order at any time.

These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
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