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Immportant note

Our STENDKER discus fish are DIFFERENT:
Our documentation and information on our website ( and our Facebook page refer solely to our STENDKER discus fish and are NOT GENERALLY APPLICABLE!
Our STENDKER discus fish differ in some respects or considerably from wild caught discus fish, Asian breeds, or other discus breeds!
After 52 years of discus breeding MADE IN GERMANY, our STENDKER discus fish have adapted to German tap water values!
Our water values:
Total hardness: TH 15, carbonate hardness CH 8, pH value 7, conductance 800 μs.
Our STENDKER discus fish are
- very easy to keep, extremely tough, and normally have a long life expectancy (up to 15 years)
- accustomed to humans, not easily frightened, tame to some extent, and very interested in their surroundings
- used to our STENDKER Good Heart discus food, since, from a certain size, they are also provided with our complete feed solution 3 times a day in our breeding establishment and love to be fed with our food. Our feed solution contains everything our animals need to provide them with healthy growth and keep them healthy.
In order to also provide you with a solution for feeding our animals that is as comprehensive and simple as possible, our COMPLETE FEED SOLUTION is also available via the retail store as 500g, 200g flat blocks and 100g blisters.(52 years of experience “Only the BEST for our discus fish”) STENDKER discus fish in 23 colour varieties, which we ship to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our detailed documentation, “Interesting facts about discus fish”, which we have translated into six languages for you and which we are making freely available, FREE OF CHARGE, to anyone interested, refers solely to our STENDKER discus fish!

Enjoy our STENDKER discus fish!

Your STENDKER breeding team

Aquaristik Fachmagazin

Our next Project for the Aquaristik Fachmagazin. It is a long-term Project, taking care of this beautiful Stendker-SANTAREM Discus Fish in a Nature Aquarium. It is now 7 months old and runs like a Champ! You can read the first article about setting up this project in the magazine coming out next month and the following ones describing how to take care and maintenance the tank!

Fressnapf headquarters tests and certifies Stendker


The 1. Year – “GROW UP”-documentation by Florian Nolte

THANK YOU to Mr. Nolte, he wrote to us:
Hello Mrs. Stendker, now I´m sending you the pictures from day 1 until to this day. I have got the STENDKER-Discusfish for just over 1 year and they have evolved very well. I received the discus at the size of approximately 8 cm. Everything is running fine and in the meantime they have reached the size of
14 – 15 cm.
According to your suggestions I fed with 100g blister and 500g flat-bars STENDKER-Good Heart as follows:
3 x times a day Stendker beef heart (defrosted in a fridge), dosing calculated for 14 discus, 31,5 g per day. I have got the animals since 15.05.2014 and they really gained in weight and mass.
I would always buy animals from you, because quality has got highest priority. The service of your office-team has got high significance, always nice behavior in case of questions and concerns.
Summary: I would by animals from you again and again and I can only suggest everyone to buy Stendker Discus-Fish.

However, with this I´m not creating an official breeding documentation. As the founder of the group “Discus Friends”, I preliminary like to show to other discus-keepers how to breed small discus from 8 cm to final size. I make notes about the progress and in the end of the documentation I´m going to publish my personal result. At the moment, I have just uploaded some photos and a video within the group “Discus Friends”. With my documentation I intend to show the people that the suggestions you give on your homepage are working and that they are easily to realize if you follow the following:
Size of the aquarium: 180 liter during the breeding. Terms of water-change: once a week approximately 40-50 % of the total volume. Feeding: 3 times a day with the suggested Stendker beef heart mixture measured in precise gram.
At the moment I have got 14 Stendker-Discus:
They are 7 x Tefé, 4 x Santarem, 2 x Red Scribbelt, 1 Red Tourqoise. I keep them in an aquarium with the size 100x40x40 and 160 l water. For the filtration I use a Hamburger mat filter which is working with an Eheim compact pump. To reach the desired oxygen saturation I have got two aeration stones running for 24 hours. I also added a night-light. Before the changing water is running into the aquarium, it is running through a carbon blocking filter which exists from two parts – a sediment part in the first and a carbon block cartridge in the second part.
During the breeding, I use the following products:
-Aqua Kraut (by Discusstudio Tinnes), - Preis Discus Minerals (my water is very soft with just a little amount of minerals), - carbon blocking filter.
My water parameters are as follows: N03: 10; No2: 0; GH: 7; KH: 3-6; PH: 6.4; CL2: 0.
With my GROW UP Dokumentation I like to show that the suggestions from your homepage are working.
At the end of the documentation time the animals will be transferred into an aquarium with more than 500 l water, which will be built up close to their nature and their natural habitat. The only difference shall be in the fact that they are offsprings of Stendker breedings. Therefore I mostly took natural colour strains.

Discover discus!

Create a home fit for the king of fish with Nathan Hill’s step-by-step guide.  
Download documentation: Discover Discus!

Plants for DISCUS-Aquariums

Dennerle Pflanzen für das Diskus-Aquarium
Dennerle InVitro Pflanzen aus dem Labor sind wegen der Sterilität auch gut bei unseren Diskusfischen zu verwenden und brauchen in der Regel nicht mehr auf die bakterielle Verträglichkeit getestet zu werden!

Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle an Herrn Dipl.-Biol. Christian Homrighausen
Leiter Vertrieb Deutschland / Oesterreich
Dennerle GmbH, Vertrieb Deutschland

So macht Zusammenarbeit SPASS!

Bei Dennerle finden sie eine Pflanzendatenbank, gibt man dort die Suchfunktion (3. Punkt) "Eignung" Diskusaquarium ein,
öffnet sich eine Vielzahl von tollen Pflanzen, die gut mit der Haltungstemperatur von 28-30°C zurechtkommen.
Ein tolles Angebot!

Dennerle Pflanzen erhalten Sie über den Zoofachhandel. Fragen Sie Ihren Zoofachhändler (Siehe Händler -> Händlerliste)

Link zur Pflanzendatenbank:
Download PDF: Plants for DISCUS-Aquariums

Important Information to Discusdays in Duisburg

Take the opportunity to meet us at the „Diskustage“ from 10th -11th October 2014 at Zoo Zajac in Duisburg. At this event you can buy STENDKER-discus fish directly from our hatchery!

In the next years we will continue to focus on the training of the staff members of our customers and to improve the presentation of our discus fish in their pet shops.
That is why the trade fair INTERZOO 2016 (that is not open for general public) will be the next fair that we attend.

We kindly ask for your understanding and we refer to 1,500 pet shops in Germany where you can buy our STENDKER-discus fish. Please notice that you can agree a direct delivery from our hatchery to your place with our customers.
Our well trained customers in your vicinity will be happy to help you with all questions concerning discus fish. You can find a trader list here: LINK

Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking forward to your visit at Zoo Zajac - the biggest pet shop worldwide!

Best regards
Angelika & Jörg Stendker

Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG

Private discus tank of STENDKER

Private discus tank of STENDKER
Aquascaping and discus fish
by Angelika Stendker & Jörg Stendker

In this article we present our private discus tank. We hope you enjoy your reading.

Article with kind permission of Dr. Hans-Joachim Herrmann, Tetra Verlag

Here you can see the video:

In diesem Artikel stellen wir unser privates Diskus-Aquarium vor. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Vergnügen!

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Dr. Hans-Joachim Herrmann, Tetra Verlag GmbH

Hier ein Link zu unserem Video auf Youtube:
Download PDF: Aquascaping and discus fish

Fit for a king

from Dehner Fachmagazin  
Download 'Fit for a king'


Download PDF

Aquaristik 04/13- Diskus River Side

Diskus River Side - Der König der Aquarienfische im Aquascape
Artikel im Magazin: Aquaristik - Aktuelle Süsswasserpraxis
Ausgabe 04/13
PDF zum Download: Aquaristik - Diskus River Side

Aquaristik 05/13 - Diskus in neuer Farbvariante

Artikel im Magazin: Aquaristik - Aktuelle Süsswasserpraxis
Ausgabe 05/13
PDF zum Download: Aquaristik 05/13 - Diskus in neuer Farbvariante

Seine Majestät - Artikel aus dem Dehner Fachmagazin 4-2013

Der Diskus gilt als der König im Süßwasser-Aquarium.
Endlich ist der prächtige Fisch auch für Anfänger geeignet.
Download: Seine Majestät - Artikel aus dem Dehner Fachmagazin

Interview Globaldiscus 2013

Interview with Mr. Jörg Stendker  
Download Interview Globaldiscus as PDF

B.I.D.K.A & Devotedly discus challenge

The second challenge followsseven hobbyists all raising eight fish from the Stendker hatchery in germany. The discus were supplied to the contestants by Mark Evenden of devotedly discus and each contestant received four brilliant turquoise and four marlboroughs. The fish were all 5 to 6 cm in size. The success ang failures are all shown below.
Download PDF - Documentation Devotedly discus challenge (Note: Image is not a license for distribution)

Are discus fish suitable for first-time aquarium owners?

Aquaristik magazine No. 226/September 2012
Are discus fish suitable for first-time aquarium owners?
with permission for publication of Dr. Hans-Joachim Herrmann
Download PDF - Aquaristik magazine: Are discus fish suitable for first-time aquarium owners?

Report Stendker Discus Fish Hatchery from

Stendker Discus Fish Hatchery, Warendorf - Germany’s largest discus fish hatchery is also the biggest hatchery in Europe. Here are some “behind the scenes” photos.
Text: Michael J. Schönfeld
Photos: M.J. Schönfeld, Stendker GmbH

Courtesy of nature and animal-Verlag GmbH, Münster,
Author Rainer Stawikowski, published in the July 2012 Datz
Download PDF - STENDKER Discus Fish Hatcher

Visiting Europe’s largest discus hatchery

The building’s pale grey exterior is decorated with a magnificent Red Turquoise discus fish, the company logo of the Stendker Discus Fish Hatchery. By Rainer Stawikowski

Courtesy of nature and animal-Verlag GmbH, Münster,
Author Rainer Stawikowski, published in the July 2012 Datz
Download PDF - Visiting Europe’s largest discus hatchery

Big is beautiful

Dicus live in December, 2010, issue 38
Courtesy of the Degen Media House GmbH
Download PDF - Big is beautiful

12. Zierfische & Aquarien in Duisburg, Germany 2009

The star of the aquarium fair
Biologist Andreas Speinert is an expert on Malawi Cichlids. His advice is much-sought after.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine from 02 October 2009, Issue No. 230/40
Download PDF - The star of the aquarium fair

An interview with the Stendker Discus Fish Hatchery

Discus Fish – Made in Germany

Courtesy of nature and animals - Verlag GmbH Münster, Germany, published November / December 2008
Download PDF - Discus Fish – Made in Germany

Interview mit Jörg Stendker auf der Interzoo 2012 in Nürnberg

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Blue Zoo TV

Interview von Diskus-Direkt mit Herrn Jörg Stendker

Teil 1:
Teil 2:

Teil 3:

These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
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Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG
Am Holzbach 18
D-48231 Warendorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27
Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205


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