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Discus feed » Myth beefheart

Myth beefheart

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Over and over we hear statements like: “Why shall I feed beefheart?
No beef is swimming in the Amazonas!“

No STENDKER-Discusfish are swimming in the Amazonas and our animals differ strongly in keeping conditions, the colour and the eating habits of wild captures, which can be found in the Amazonas, or other breedings.


Beefheart feed is conterminating the waterquality considerably.
CORRECTION: Right, if you feed too much or if our feed is defrosted the wrong way. High protein share etc. gives the possibility for a compensate feeding. 3 meals a day with our Good Heart is sufficcient (also for our LITTLE ones, from week 3 after birth).
Please carefully defrost the daily portion on the evening before, by using an airtight box with lid. For discusfish (LITTLE ones or BIG ones) feed 1-1/2 blister (5-7,5 g) per meal. Feeding to much makes our Discusfish SICK!

Cold-blooded animals cannot digest meat from warm-blooded animals (beefheart).
CORRECTION: From week 3 after birth, 3 x a day, our discus fish exclusively get our COMPLETE-feed based upon beef heart. You can see at our animals how our STENDKER-Good Heart is doing good to them.

When feeding beef heart, the water temperature has to be at least 30 degrees, to be able to digest this food.
CORRECTION: Even with a keeping temperature of 27 degrees, our animals can digest our beef heart feed very well.

Feeding beef heart feed 3 x a day is not varied.
CORRECTION: Our STENDKER-Discusfeed Good Heart exists from more than 100 components. Vitamins, minerals, fractions of vegetables an much more, and not only from pure beef heart. In our hatchery it is successfully used as single-feed since more than 50 years. From week 3 after birth, all our STENDKER-Discus fish are feeded 3 x per day with our compleet-feed, which is including everything our discusfish need to grow up. However, our animals need NOTHING ELSE as beeing fed 3 x a day with our Good heart; ofcourse you can additionally feed living food or frozen natural food, to offer a bit of VARIETY to your Discus fish.

Please do not feed red mosquito larvaes, Tubifex or unboiled shellfish meat, because that can even cause sickness to our animals. Live food is to be seen as a CANDY and also a welcome VARIETY, but does not replace a fully adequate meal with our Good Heart.

Small discusfish have to receive at least 7 meals a day.
CORRECTION: This can happen when using live food. For our STENDKER-Discusfish it is absolutely sufficient to feed from week 3 after birth (size 1 cm), 3 x a day, with our STENDKER-Good Heart.
Overfeeding is even harmful for our animals. The fishbones do not grow along with the animal. This can even cause a shorter operculum or a bent backbone.
We strive for a natural grow up of our STENDKER-Diskusfish and reach this with feeding our Good Heart 3 x a day. Then, our Diskusfish are fully grown with 2 years, as also in open coutryside.
Successful breeder all over the world are feeding beef heart, because this can ensure an optimal feeding of Discusfish.

All our publications with SUBJECT to Discusfish, are exclusively referring to our STENDKER-Discusfish. For wild captured fish or fish from other Discus breeder, other conditions can be valid.

These fish are available only from specialist aquatic centres. (Retailer list).
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