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Zu Besuch bei unserem Zoofachhändler Poisson dór:  
„Das größte Aquaristik-Fachgeschäft der WELT“! (über 1250 m²) Süßwasser Aquaristik mit Diskusanlage Jörg Stendker und David van Kwikenborne (Inhaber von Poisson dór) mit dem wir schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich zusammen arbeiten. Mehr in unserer Bildergalerie:  


Immportant note  
Immportant note  


STENDKER-much more than just a fish :-)  
Not only in private households, hotels, in schools, kindergartens, old peoples homes and social institutions more and more aquariums are set up, because the relaxed effect has a very positive effect on the inhabitants. Mourners also find consolation with our STENDKER Discus Fish, which are happy when you come home, show social behaviour and inspire us with their brilliant colours and beautiful shape and swimming behaviour. Discus aquaristics is not only for RICH. We would like to show you how you can easily, cheaply and well build up your own STENDKER discus aquarium and create a wonderful place of peace and strength for yourself and your family in your own home. Experience nature at home and enjoy our animals every day. The atmosphere in the room is also optimised by the play of light and colours and especially in the winter time the aquarium also helps to increase the humidity in the rooms and thus improve the indoor climate. With little expenditure of time, approx. 1 hour per week for 30 percent water change, glass cleaning and feeding is usually sufficient. Holidays are also possible without care and feeding, the temperature reduction to WINTERMODE can be used to provide a health-promoting fasting cure for the animals. Specialist pet shops often offer inexpensive 160-180 litre complete aquarium combinations for beginners. These are ideal for breeding a discus group, which should consist of at least 10 discus fish, or for keeping a discus pair permanently, which however should already have a size of at least 14 cm. This aquarium can also be used later as a quarantine aquarium. We recommend starting with 8 cm STENDKER Discus Fish for keeping in groups, as they are already approx. 4 months old and very robust, even suitable for beginners. However, the animals should then be transferred to a larger aquarium (ideally 12-15 adult discus fish in 450 litres) after one year at the latest. Size and age information of our discus fish approx: 5 cm - 2 months 6 cm - 3 months 8 cm - 4 months 10 cm - 6 months 12 cm - 9 months 14 cm - 12 months 15 cm - 18 months 17 cm - 24 months Discus fish can live up to 15 years if kept in good conditions and can reach a diameter of 21 centimetres! With about 2-2,5 years discus fish are considered to be full grown! To achieve uniform growth of our discus fish, we recommend continuing to feed them 3 times a day with our STENDKER discus food. Aquarium Equipment: We recommend the following equipment - good filter (also 2 as backup) - Outflow, diffuser or oxidizer for oxygen injection. - Heating element - Leave light on for 12 hours a day (not too bright, e.g. daylight tube) correct preparation: Please clean the aquarium thoroughly, add water and bring in starter bacteria. Ideally you should already feed the EMPTY aquarium with our Good Heart, so that the important filter bacteria required to break down our food are already formed now. You will need approx. 2-3 weeks for the correct water values: Our water values: total hardness: GH 15, carbonate hardness KH 8, pH-value 7, conductivity 800 , at a water temperature of 28°-30°C. Ammonium or ammonia should be 0, NO2 nitrite 0, and NO3 should not exceed 50 mg/l. Our STENDKER discus fish do not need a substrate or plants to feel comfortable, but can be used. Artificial plants can also be an alternative. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to filter over activated carbon and remove it after 2 weeks at the latest to remove any toxins from the water. Select our STENDKER Discus Fish in your specialist shop or have them delivered to your home, here you will find our list of dealers: XXX Please do not mix our STENDKER Discus Fish with Discus Fish from other breeders and check their bacterial compatibility in advance before socialising them with mating fish and plants. All of our currently 28 STENDKER colourings can be mixed with each other without hesitation. Please continue to feed our discus fish 2-3 times a day with our professional discus food Good Heart, just as you would in our breeding farm, and make a water change of 30% once a week. You can also find further information on our homepage: xxx In our numerous STENDKER-Facebook Groups you will also find exchanges of like-minded people, tips, help, entertainment and support. We wish you and your family good health and lots of fun, entertainment, enthusiasm and relaxation with our STENDKER Discus Fish. Your STENDKER Team Picture: many thanks to our certified specialist dealer Disucus a.e from Abu Dhabi.  
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