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Zu Besuch bei unserem Zoofachhändler Poisson dór:  
„Das größte Aquaristik-Fachgeschäft der WELT“! (über 1250 m²) Süßwasser Aquaristik mit Diskusanlage Jörg Stendker und David van Kwikenborne (Inhaber von Poisson dór) mit dem wir schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich zusammen arbeiten. Mehr in unserer Bildergalerie:  


Immportant note  
Immportant note  


We think it is bad what is partly going on in the NETWORK. Reviews and LIKES are bought by companies to make their contributions and pages more attractive. Untruths are spread and some people and companies are publicly pilloried. Terrible insults and threats are published without any legal basis. We strongly reject such precedents and expressly point out that our evaluations and LIKES are genuine. Unfortunately, there are groups on Facebook and other Internet platforms that massively mob other group members or companies. We, too, are hosted by other breeders, friends of these breeders, frustrated ex-employees and much more. Our animals are made bad because they are too colorful and are even described as candy fish. Our professional food is called fattening food and is even called Harmful for discus fish. As you can see, our animals get along very well with our food and the quality of our STENDKER discus fish is also due to our professional food mixture Good Heart. Over 50 years of breeding success in Germany and delivery of our popular STENDKER discus fish to over 45 countries speaks for itself. Unfortunately this aggression in the net often leads to the fact that some members do not dare to upload pictures of their discus fish any more, because then the mobbing and hate comments start again. We think that is a pity. Hence our call: HATER OUT! STOP MOBBING! We no longer want our haters to have to expect pictures of our discus fish and do not want to waste our precious lifetime with aggressive unjustified hate comments. Therefore we block Haters and delete aggressive and inappropriate comments on our pages. For constructive comments and improvement wishes we are naturally open at any time. We recommend: blocks bad people on Facebook and other social media channels and gives no room to the evil! Often these people are lonely and frustrated people in real life, who often only get the attention they are denied in real life under pseudonym names. So spend your time for beautiful things and just look more into your aquarium. Relax at home and enjoy your STENDKER discus fish :-)  
La venta se realiza exclusivamente a través del comercio especializado (véase el listado de distribuidores).
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Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27
Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205


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