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Zu Besuch bei unserem Zoofachhändler Poisson dór:  
„Das größte Aquaristik-Fachgeschäft der WELT“! (über 1250 m²) Süßwasser Aquaristik mit Diskusanlage Jörg Stendker und David van Kwikenborne (Inhaber von Poisson dór) mit dem wir schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich zusammen arbeiten. Mehr in unserer Bildergalerie:  


Immportant note  
Immportant note  


Important information about the origin ASIA / GERMANY  
Unfortunately many discus sellers in Germany do not point out the different keeping conditions and origin of their animals and even pretend, for example, that they are GERMAN offspring, although they are ASIAN discus imports. Also Asian discus fish (from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singhapore etc.) are called GERMAN discus fish and are brought into the trade. Therefore we would like to contribute something to the clarification, also because we are often confused with the Europe Discus Center in Nackenheim Germany, which sells ASIATIC DISCUS-IMPORTS. We, the discus breeding STENDKER, are the largest discus breeding company in Europe. We breed our 28 brilliant discus color shots in Warendorf (Germany) and have been shipping our STENDKER discus fish for over 54 years, to over 45 countries worldwide. Our animals are highly valued worldwide for their beauty, longevity, robustness, simple keeping with minimal technical effort and much more. Also our feed mixture Good Heart, is gladly eaten and contains everything our animals need to stay healthy. What is actually the difference between ASIATIC imports and STENDKER-GERMAN offspring? ASIAN IMPORTS Asian imports are usually so used to being kept in Asia by the breeder, with low germ pressure and a daily 90% water change, without filter system. If you keep to the specifications of the Asian breeder (same food, daily water change) you can also have longer pleasure with these animals. If, however, Asian discus imports are kept at our European water values, with a filter system and, as with our STENDKER discus fish, only a once-weekly water change of 30 % is carried out, the life expectancy of Asian discus fish is, in our experience, minimised to a maximum of one year. Asian imports also have completely different feeding conditions. For example, the yellow Asian discus fish can become reddish when fed with our Good Heart, because our Good Heart contains over 100 best ingredients, e.g. also algae and crabs, which contain special carotenoids that give this reddish colouring, similar to the flamingos, which become pink when they eat crabs. We do not want to do without these important natural ingredients in our food, because of the health-promoting aspects. Therefore, please be careful. Do not believe everything that discus sellers tell you. It is partly accepted that your existing fish stock will be infected with our STENDKER discus fish and that our animals will die! Our STENDKER Discus Fish should therefore not be kept together with Asian offspring, even if the BU is compatible. Otherwise, either the advantages of our fish (easy to keep in almost any water as long as the pH value is below 8, low maintenance, water change of 30 percent once a week, also suitable for aquarium beginners) would be lost under Asian keeping conditions, or Asian discus fish, under European keeping conditions, could lose a lot of their life expectancy. STENDKER-GERMAN OFFSPRING since more than 54 years breeding made in Germany, 28 colourings, all compatible, stable breeding stock, delivery to more than 45 countries, own feed mixture Good Heart, kept with filter system, with a 1 x weekly water change of 30 %, accustomed to German tap water values and therefore usually no osmosis plant necessary, simplest feeding with Good Heart, with long life expectancy, accustomed to humans and much more. Our STENDKER discus fish are free of tapeworms and the so-called discus search. You can find further information on our homepage: Dealer list: STENDKER Discus Book: As a precaution we would like to point out again that we do not want to badmouth breeder here, they also have beautiful breeding forms. But in our opinion one should be fair enough to point out the origin and the different keeping conditions. #diskuszuchtstendker #stendkerdiskus #stendkerdiskus #stendkerdiscus #discus #discus #discusbreederstendker #symphysodon, #tropicalfish #discusfish #freshwaterfish #Cichlid #discuslovers #discusfish #stendkerdiskuszucht #discustank #europadiscuscenter  
La venta se realiza exclusivamente a través del comercio especializado (véase el listado de distribuidores).
Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG . Am Holzbach 18 . D-48231 Warendorf . Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27 . Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205 . AGB | IMPRESSUM | DATENSCHUTZ
Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG
Am Holzbach 18
D-48231 Warendorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 2581 606 27
Fax: +49 (0) 2581 633 205


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